Sunday, December 20, 2009

What's new with us...

So with the holiday season quickly coming to an end...tear tear...the long awaited arrival of our 2nd daughter is coming soon. 4 more weeks!! Let the angels sing!!!! I suppose I could speed things up by scheduling a c-section, but I've decided to let nature take its course, as long as it doesn't take too long, and go all natural baby! Well, ok, not ALL natural, heavy dosages of drugs will be involved the moment I get to the hospital :) Ryan is prepared to any lashing out of words, or lack thereof if you know me... He does his part well :) We've decided to name her Alyssa Emily Maughan. We will call her "Aly" or "Al" then we will have an "Iz" and "Al." I'm hoping that she will come a little bit early (doesn't every pregnant mom). But Ryan keeps saying that she will be on time or late; due to what he calls my "walls of Jericho" refering to my body not wanting to give in to the stages of labor...I hope he is wrong!!!

So here is my first attempt at a blog. I think I've attempted at starting like 4 but I don't really know what I'm doing; so any suggestions would be GREAT!!!

Ryan and I have to admit we are cheap. The past two years we've got our Christmas tree at a place called "Wise Buys." But ya know what?! Both years we've got really good trees that are only $10.00. And as long as we water them, they last like 3 weeks! (as some of you know we like to keep our tree with us all year round...outside on our porch, hehe...we're lazy we know).

Christmas morning should be AWESOME! We are really looking forward to Iz opening her presents. During her birthday we got a glimpse of how fun presents are. After each present Iz would sign and say "bore" (more) with a concerned/furrowed brow look on her face. We would all reply you want more? And she would exclaim with clapping of the hands, ginormous grin on her face "yeah!!!" and laugh. Oh to think of what will happen once there are no more presents left to open...

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