Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Christmas Miracle

During our move we lost our Christmas ornaments. It was sad. It had all my childhood ornaments and the ones we've started as a family. So our tree was looking pretty pathetic with just lights and the star on top. Lo and behold yesterday I was cleaning out the garage and I found a little box labeled "Christmas Ornaments." Hooray! And of course, they were hiding in plain sight!!!! I'm just happy we found them and more happy that we found them before Christmas was over.


  1. Rachel!!! Yay you have a blog!!!! I noticed you said baby Aly on your Josh and I were thinking of naming our 2nd Aly minds think

  2. So nice to see ya here in the blogging world. I love a good Christmas miracle. Can't wait to meet Aly!!!! I'm not sure if we'll fly out and bring my parents back to Utah after there winter in California this year with me having baby girl ( I really need to find a name). but if I do I will for sure stopping by to meet her.